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      Description: Keep precious designs shining with a jewelry cleaning brush created especially for gold, silver or plated surfaces. Our Hagerty Jewelry Brush features soft, natural bristles that reach into tiny crevices to clean and remove grit, even from intricate settings or patterns of fine silver. It's easy to use and gentle ...
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      Description: This is how to wash, strain and store blueberries in one easy kitchen tool. Our three-in-one storage pod includes a colander for gentle, thorough rinsing. The clear lid provides a secure seal that keeps contents fresh. There's no need for plastic wrap. A true space-saver in the kitchen, this berry ...
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      Description: This beautiful wooden cutting board can take you from everyday food prep to outdoor entertaining to a range of special occasions. It's made from South American teak, so it's naturally durable and versatile. As a classic carving board, it features a juice well to keep countertops and tables clear of ...
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      Description: Our Dimple Ice Cream Scoops are a dream to scoop, stand and store! This scoop has an integrated drip-catching collar that won't leak over when standing upright, and a tough zinc alloy head cuts through hard ice cream and sorbet easily. Its textured surface helps release scooped ice-cream and sorbet ...
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      Description: Treat cutting boards and wooden utensils to all the benefits of mineral oil without mess or drips. It's easy with our pack of 30 convenient food-safe wipes. Each wipe is saturated with white mineral oil to help keep natural wood surfaces looking and performing their best. Tackle your finest cutting ...

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